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Ahmad Tea

Ahmad Tea is a UK-based family business, drawing on four generations of tea blending and tasting experience. Founded on a passion for the finest tea, we are dedicated to the unique place that tea drinking commands at the heart of daily life in Britain and beyond.

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Papadopoulos is the leader in the biscuit industry and a strong player in the bread substitute segment (Rusks, Breadsticks, Krispies). More specifically, the company ranks second in the overall rusk market and is a leader in the category of premium rusks. Fostering a spirit of innovation and growth, along with a pioneering outlook, the company continues to expand into new product categories! In 2011, the company created a revolutionary product in the field of cereal bars, the Digestive Bar, the first ever cereal bar to be made with biscuits. In 2013, the company extended its presence in the Greek market with the launch of packaged sliced bread.

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Aranyfácán has produced  tomato paste since 1934 in unchanged form and quality. It\\\\\\\'s a traditional Hungarian product acknowledged worldwide for its taste and color, serving every criteria of healthy nourishment.


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